Art/Art Club!

  • Art is project based. When we complete one project, we move on to another.

    Art one will focus on the Principles of Art and the Art Elements. We will begin with line doing scratchart and end the year doing pinatas. Lots of projects in between!

    Advanced Art tend to focus on things they are good at. If a student loves oil painting, I try to push them to more advanced work as the year goes on. We also try to rotate in pottery throwing each week.

    My goal is for them to do Art each day. We have a relaxed, enjoyable classroom where students can work peacefully on art. We love it!


    Advanced Art will go to a Museum or Art Gallery in the Fall. They will get to choose where they go. Usually we will go to the Botanical Gardens also.

    Art Club will travel to the Main Street Arts Festival in Fort Worth in April. Dues are $25.00. This goes to possibly help fund scholarships to Art 3 or 4 seniors.

    Senior Art Show

    In May my senior Advanced Art students have a art show in my Social Studies classroom. This is a great time for them to show off their work!