Procedures and Rules!
  • Unfortunately every classroom needs procedures and rules. I'm sure there are a few that I will forget:). The most important is that the students are in class each day. When students miss class or are tardy, they miss valuable information and instruction. The next important expectation is that students have their notebook, something to write with, and their charged Chromebook. Although we don't use our Chromebooks each day, we do use them. During this Covid-19 time, our High School computer labs will be mostly closed.

    The senior Government and Economics classes both are one semester courses. Teaching all the TEKS that the state asks me to teach requires that some of the classwork be done at home. I try to let the weekends be free for family time, but during the week the students do have homework. Usually it will take them about 30 minutes to complete. Please keep in mind that these are SENIOR level courses, so they are a bit more rigorous. 

    Students should not have their phones out in class unless they have asked permission, also they may not wear headphones of any kind. This year I am asking students to put phones in the clear pockets when they enter the classroom. Listening in class and hearing what is going on around them is very important.

    Grading. I work very hard to get students their grades recorded as soon as possible. Students need to turn in their best work. Points may be taken off for messy or unreadable papers. Late work is -30 points for the 1st day and -50 points for each day thereafter. Please note that the work is NOT difficult but will keep them busy! Current Events are a test grade. Chapter "tests" are a daily grade!

    Remote learners need to watch the videos and check Google Classroom each day to make sure they are staying caught up on their work. All work is due before 4:00 on the day listed.

    We use Google Classroom for our assignments. If a student misses for whatever reason, they can look their for assignments so they won't get behind. There will be short video lessons for students who are sick. We have online textbooks, so they must have WiFi to do their work. I also try and send reminders on Blackboard as often as I think about it. If they turn on their notifications on their phones, they should see any time that something is placed in Google Classroom.

    They year is going to fly by! Busy, organized and active students enjoy school more that inactive students. Please get involved in school and learn to be a productive citizen!