• Lots of activities!

    In the Fall we will take a trip to Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas to explore the 6th floor museum from which John F Kennedy was shot.

    We will be studying American Government. We will begin the course with the structure of the Government, the Federalist papers and progress to each of the 3 branches and study the Constitution. Studying each branch of government in a fairly in-depth way will help them become students become more conscious of civic matters. 

    During the Spring the students will be working on the Foundations and Principles of Economics. We will study the Monetary System and the Federal Reserve. This includes a trip to the Bureau of Engraving in Saginaw which is one of the two places in our country that the dollar is printed. We use a combination of challenging curriculum, the Texas Curriculum Mangement Program, the TEKS Resource System and our textbooks. We also do weekly projects to inform students of what is going on in the world. As we work through the textbook, we will do vocabulary, section reviews and take an assessment before moving on. 

    Students have several opportunities for extra credit throughout the year. They may vote, go to City Coucil and School Board meetings and have many opportunities to earn homework passes if they listen in class to instruction.