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    Dual Credit Enrollment


    Meetings for 2022/2023 DC Classes


    January 19,2022   5:30 pm   Meet to explain the application process


    March 9, 2022 5:30 pm   

          Complete application to Weatherford College and FAFSA


    March 10, 2022 9:00 am   

         Complete application to Weatherford College and FAFSA





    Why wait?
    If you are a successful student, you can begin your college career NOW and earn credit toward your college degree BEFORE you graduate from high school. There are two options: Dual credit and Early High School Enrollment.

    What is Early High School Enrollment?
    Students who choose early high school enrollment take courses for college credit in addition to their high school courses. Both options offer courses from across the curriculum. Students are limited to two courses per semester. Some classes may be held at the high school.

    What is Dual Credit?
    Students who are approved for Dual Credit earn both high school and college credit for a particular course completed successfully before graduation from high school.

    Dual Credit Requirements

    High school students must:

    --meet the minimum requirement on the TSI by the second test (per year).
    Reading: 351+
    (this allows students to take  ART 1301/1303, BIO 2401/2402, ECON 1301, GOVT 2305, HIST 1301/1302, HUMA 1315, MUSI 1306/1310, PSYC 2301/2314, SOCI 1301/1311, SPCH 1315
    Writing: 340 and 4 on essay OR an ABE score of 4 and a 5 on the essay
     (along with a minimum Reading score-a student may take ENGL 1301/1302/ & ENGL 2322/2323
    Mathematics: 350
    (allows students to take MATH 1314/1316, and MATH 2413/1342)
    In addition to the TSI requirements, students--
    --must have an overall high school GPA of 85.0
    --must perform at least at a LEVEL II on all STAAR exams for the up to date of application.
    --must earn at least a "C" to continue in the dual credit program; students who earn a "D" will receive their high school credit, however, they cannot continue the program for the remainder of high school.

    To apply, you must . . .

    • submit an application for admission and an official high school transcript (with a grade report through the most recent grading period if grades are not yet posted to the transcript).
    • complete any required placement testing.

    When you have been accepted for admission, you must . . .

    • register for classes 
    • pay tuition in full
    • purchase required textbooks and supplies

    For continued eligibility in the program, you must . . .

    • earn the minimum grade of “C” in each course attempted
    • continue to meet all admission requirements each semester of early high school enrollment

    **Contact Dori Taylor if you have questions**